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               Sanitary Napkin Machine

Sanitary Napkins Making Machine | Sanitary Napkins Converting Machine

Sanitary Napkin Converting Machine

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Panty liner / Pantilier

Long panty liner / Mini sanitary napkin

Daytime use / Regular sanitary napkin

Night use / Long super sanitary napkin

Overnight use sanitary napkin

Super long sanitary napkin







Classification according to thickness:

Paper-thin sanitary napkin

Ultra thin sanitary napkin

Slim sanitary napkin

Maxi sanitary napkin

Classification according to wing:

Wingless sanitary napkin

Winged sanitary napkin

One-piece/full width sanitary napkin

Tri-piece sanitary napkin

Sanitary napkin with standing gather

Our sanitary napkin machine stand out for full modularity and full servo motors, for an easy setting and format change, highest performances, quality and process reliability.


It's good at ladies sanitary napkin, sanitary pad, ladies napkin & menstrual pads manufacturing.

Model : FS-WSJ


Brand : RCH

Main functions and features:

◎ Sanitary napkin converting machine for day or nigh use with different sizes

◎ Side leakage protection, 3D absorbent core, etc. for option

◎ Easy-wrap design: Vertically wrapped or horizontally wrapped for option

◎ Suitable for producing fluff products pr air-laid ultra-thin products

◎ Flexible, modular design, easy to upgrade and reform in future

◎ Easy-wrap design: Vertically wrapped or horizontally wrapped for option

◎ Suitable for producing fluff products pr air-laid ultra-thin products

◎ Precise SAP feeding

◎ PLC + touch screen (HMI interface)

◎ Spot detection system, image detection system & metal detection system

◎ Easy maintenance: remote maintenance by electric programs

◎ Automatic counting & stacking mechanism is optional

◎ Dust collector (optional)

Technical parameters:

◎ Steady speed :800-1200PPM

◎ Passing rate : ≥97%

◎ Production efficiency : ≥86%

◎ Installed power : ≈360KW

◎ Equipment dimension : L 28m x W 8m x H 4.5m

◎ Equipment weight : ≈60MT

◎ Working pressure : 0.6 – 0.8 Mpa

◎Power supply : 380V, 50Hz

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The sanitary napkin is named a sanitary towel, feminine napkin, menstrual pad, someone call it ladies napkin or sanitary pad. Its production machinery is named a sanitary napkin converting machine, but some makers call it a sanitary pad converting machine, or sanitary napkin making machine, no matter its name is sanitary pad machine or sanitary napkin machine, most people like calling it as sanitary napkin making machine.

A qualified sanitary napkin machine manufacturer should be able to design and make a whole sanitary napkin production line for the user, they should focus on the absorbent core forming process of sanitary pad, an excellent sanitary napkin making machine must match with an excellent SAP application system(weight control system) and absorbent core forming section first.

RCH Machinery is a professional sanitary napkin machine maker, RCH is good at sanitary pad production line design and sanitary napkin making machine manufacturing, RCH already built many successful sanitary napkin production lines.