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Baby Diaper Machine

Diaper Making Machine | Diaper Converting Machine | Diaper Manufacturing Machine

                                                            Baby Diaper Converting Machine | Baby Diaper Making Machine

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As one of the leading manufacturers of diaper making machines in China, our diaper making machine stand out for full modularity and full servo motors, for an easy setting and format change, highest performances, quality and process reliability. 

It's good at baby diaper manufacturing.

The machine has Velcro-type, stretchy ear type baby diapers manufacturing modes for choose.

Model : FS-YNK


Brand : RCH

Main functions and features:

◎ Baby diaper converting machine

◎ Flexible, modular design, easy to upgrade and reform in future

◎ Suitable for five sizes products: NB/S/M/L/XL

◎ Pulp & SAP mixed absorbent core

◎ Precise SAP feeding

◎ PLC + touch screen (HMI interface)

◎ Spot detection system, image detection system & metal detection system

◎ Easy maintenance: remote maintenance by electric programs

◎ Automatic stacker or automatic packer (optional)

◎ Dust collector (optional)

Technical parameters:

◎ Steady speed : 600~800PPM

◎ Passing rate : ≥97%

◎ Production efficiency : ≥86%

◎ Installed power : ≈450KW

◎ Equipment dimension : L 36m x W 9m x H 4.5m

◎ Equipment weight : ≈80MT

◎ Working pressure : 0.6 – 0.8 Mpa

◎Power supply : 380V, 50Hz

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RCH Machinery is a professional baby diaper machine manufacturer, as a leading diaper making machine maker in China, RCH has many years experiences in diaper machine engineering and manufacturing, also RCH helped many users to improve their diaper production process to keep competitive, that’s why our diaper machine has adopted a modular design.   As we know, the first diaper making machine was made in USA, due to the globalization, now China has become the biggest diaper making machines manufacturer in the world. Chinese diaper machines performance is very good, not only its selling price, but also its post-maintenance cost, of course a diaper manufacturing plant’s owner must care about the operating costs all the time. Someone called the diaper machine as diaper manufacturing machine or diaper making machine, diaper converting machine, In fact, they are the same kind of machine, but they are called differently. The most accurate name for it is the diaper converting machine, not diaper machine or diaper making machine, because of the raw material turns to a diaper is a complicated converting process,but if you like,you can call it as diaper machine or diaper making machine. China has most population in the world, so Chinese diaper market always exist serious competition and chance, we can survive and grow in such competitive condition, rely on reliable quality and good reputation, we hope to serve more and more hygiene products companies in the world.

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