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Anhui RCH Machinery Co., Ltd. (RCH) had founded in July 2020. It’s a professional disposable hygiene product machinery manufacturer in China. RCH has located in Chizhou, Anhui Province, about 50 minutes by car from JUH Airport and 30 minutes by car from AQG Airport,


RCH is a high-end machinery manufacturer in the disposable and hygiene product industry. RCH always focuses on new technology R&D of the machinery of disposable and hygiene products such as feminine hygiene, baby hygiene, adult hygiene, etc.). Our principles and philosophy are scientific Management, continuous improvement, and innovation, flexible Cooperation. The core team of RCH was composed of the most experienced and knowledgeable engineers and technicians in this industrial area. Diaper machine manufacturer, diaper making machine, diaper converting machine.


RCH can supply high-quality machines to domestic and overseas markets with good service and a perfect one-stop solution for customers. RCH aims to develop and use more AI technology and automation on the machine to reduce labor costs and maximize profits.Welcome to visit our company.

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Care, Health, Future

The goal of RCH is to improve machine performance by innovation and new technology to achieve self-value by innovation.

The mission of RCH is to focus on your needs, provide competitive production solutions, bring the most value to the customer.

The strategy of RCH is to focus on the customer.

The quality concept of RCH is the better quality & service are the foundation of the company business, and it is the crucial reason for the customers to choose RCH.

The values of RCH are to focus on the customer, then employees first continuous innovation and improvement scientific development.

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The RCH is a professional diaper machine,sanitary pad machine,lady napkins machine manufacturer, we are focus on the disposable hygiene product machines manufacturing.Our machines are used to make diapers,sanitary napkins,panty liner,disposable pads,nappy,incontinence pads for baby, adult & pet. diaper machine maker,a diaper machine manufacturer,as diaper machine supplier,we provide diaper making machine for users,we are an reliable diaper machine factory,please try our diaper converting machine