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We are focus on disposable hygiene products machines engineering & manufacturing, we make diaper machine, sanitary pad machine, panty liner machine, disposable underpad machine for users.


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RCH is a high-end machinery manufacturer in the disposable and hygiene product industry. RCH always focuses on new technology R&D of the machinery of disposable and hygiene products such as feminine hygiene, baby hygiene, adult hygiene, we are good at sanitary pad machine,diaper machine, lady napkins machine engineering and manufacturing.

We are a professional diaper machine maker,a diaper machine manufacturer,as many diaper makers diaper machine supplier,we provide many diaper making machine for users,we are an reliable diaper machine factory,please try our diaper converting machine,you will get high quality diaper machine from RCH.

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Diaper, Sanitary Pad Machine Engineering & Manufacturing

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After decades of development, baby diapers have matured product forms and diversified product designs. The core products of baby diapers had been divided into three categories: nappies, diapers, and training pants. The overall process is relatively simple, and the core differences are in the material and design. With the continuous development of the baby diaper industry and the maturity of product forms, baby diaper brands have begun to improve their product strength through innovative concepts, and use cross-border IP cooperation and KOL live broadcast to expand brand power, drive product sales, and seek more Large market share. diaper machine, diaper making machine


As of the end of 2019, the global market scale of the baby diaper was about 1301.6 billion yuan, and the Chinese market size was about 61 billion yuan. The growth rate of the Chinese market was slightly higher than the overall development rate of the world, and the proportion of Chinese baby diapers in the global market scale increased year by year. The ratio reached 4.69%. By measuring the usage of baby diapers and the penetration rate of sub-category products, we predict that the market scale of Chinese baby diaper industry will show a slow growth trend in the future, and the market scale has expected to reach 68.5 billion yuan in 2021. diaper machine, diaper making machine, baby diaper machine, adult diaper machine

RCH series disposable hygiene products converting machine stand out for full modularity and full servo motors, for an easy setting and format change, highest performances, quality and process reliability. We are good at sanitary pad machine,diaper machine,lady napkins machine engineering & manufacturing.diaper machine, diaper making machine, baby diaper machine, adult diaper machine


User can change its production mode easily, and they are good at disposable adult, baby, pet hygiene products manufacturing. RCH, the diaper machine maker.


High-end hygiene machines, your reliable partner

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Reliable Components Ensure The Quality Of  Diaper Machine

The RCH is a professional diaper machine,sanitary pad machine,lady napkins machine manufacturer, we are focus on the disposable hygiene product machines manufacturing.Our machines are used to make diapers,sanitary napkins,panty liner,disposable pads,nappy,incontinence pads for baby, adult & pet. diaper machine maker,a diaper machine manufacturer,as diaper machine supplier,we provide diaper making machine for users,we are an reliable diaper machine factory,please try our diaper converting machine

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Sanitary Napkin Production Line, Full-Servo Sanitary Napkin Machine, Inverter Controlled Sanitary Napkin Machine, Pulp Core Sanitary Napkin Machine, Ultra-Thin Sanitary Napkin Machine, Easy-Open Packing Sanitary Napkin Machine, Panty Liner Production Line, Machine Direction Panty Liner Machine, Cross Direction Panty Shield Machine, Ultra-Thin Panty Liner Machine,Full-Servo Panty Liner Machine, Grouping Device Panty Liner Machine, Mini Sanitary Napkin Machine, Baby Diaper Production Line, Baby Diaper Machine,Diaper Pad Machine, T Type Baby Diaper Machine, Adult Diaper Production Line, Adult Diaper Pad Machine, Baby nappy machine, baby training pants machine, diaper pants machine, baby diaper pants machine, adult diaper pants machine, Adult Daiper Machine, Incontinence Pad Machine, Underpad Production Line, Under Pad Machine (With Tissue),Under Pad Machine (Without Tissue), High-Speed Underpad Machine, Maternity Napkin Production Line,Hemostasia Pad Production Line, Breast Pad Machine, Breast Pad Machine, Full-Servo Breast Pad Machine, Pet Diaper Machine, Pet Pad Machine,Packing Machine, Stacker, Grouping Device., diaper machine, adult diaper machine, baby diaper machine, disposable diaper machine and pet diaper machine. As a professional diaper machine manufacturer, we have many years diaper machine engineering experience and cases.

Looking for diaper manufacturing equipment? Diaper machine has many names, such as diaper making machine, diaper production line, diaper manufacturing machine. The diaper machine has a big family, there are baby diaper machine, T shape baby diaper machine, baby pull up diaper pants machine, baby diaper pants machine and adult diaper machine, adult diaper making machine and adult diaper pants machine. Diaper machine is different with nappy machine, nappy making machine.How to choose a suitable diaper machine is an very important job for diaper maker, a professional diaper manufacturer always look heavy on production speed & pass rate.


Sanitary pad machine & sanitary making machine for famine care, sanitary pad also named sanitary napkin, so the sanitary pad machine as same as sanitary napkin machine, but you can call it sanitary pad manufacturing machine or sanitary napkin making machine, no matter what you call, but the sanitary pants machine is a different converting machine, it has pants structure, its shape like a pull-up diaper pants, but thinner than diaper, napkin pants can help ladies sleeping well all night long, it is a popular new type sanitary napkin product, more comfortable and more care to women. Our company can supply sanitary pad machine,sanitary napkin machine & sanitary napkin pants machine.

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